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Rosé for Reuth

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Sabrina Potemkin
17 Jul 2017 10:21 pm
It’s finally rosé season!!!
So, put on your pink and get ready to join Reuth for a summer happy hour on a terrace with a rosé or frosé glass in hand. IWAP will join us and feature their most popular rosés from Israel.
Wednesday, August 9th
Edmond J. Safra (11 E.63rd Street) – Terrace
Happy Hour includes:
Rosé wines
Rosé sangria
Hors D’oeuvres
Early Bird – $45
After August 1st – $55
Dress Code:
Any and all things pink will work. Yes, gentlemen, that means you too.
Host Committee
Yehuda Berkowitz | Dana Cohen | Rachel Fertel | Rachel Freudenstein | Jordan Frohlinger | Suri Grussgott | Sam Jessel | Dini Krieger | Marleen Litt | Dan Reichgott
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Holocaust Survivor Celebrates his Bar Mitzvah…75 years later!

Posted by :
Sabrina Potemkin
17 Jul 2017 1:04 pm

Eliezer Meyerowitz (88), surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchild, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at Beit Jenny Breuer, Reuth’s assisted living home. Eliezer is the former manager and now a resident at Beit Jenny.

“It was about time I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah like any other young man!”
Seventy five years ago, as he turned 13 in the middle of the horrors of WWII, he was called to the Torah, but there was no celebration to mark the occasion. Shortly after, both of his parents were murdered in Auschwitz.

“I never had a proper celebration, like other children. When I was 13 I lived in Hungary. My father was taken to a forced labor camp and we had no connection with him, I never dreamed of having a Bar Mitzvah (celebration). My father knew it was my Bar Mitzvah and wrote me a letter wishing me a mazal tov.” Explains Meyerowitz. I learned to put on tefillin and to read the haftarah. “I was called up to the Torah and read the haftarah but there was no celebration or even kiddush after shul.” Afterwards I went over to my mother in the women’s section and we cried together.”

Coming full circle Eliezer was finally able to properly celebrate this wonderful occasion surrounded by family, friends and former colleagues. We wish him many years of good health and happiness…and many more celebrations!

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