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American Friends of Reuth Medical & Life Care Centers

Special Projects

Being one of Israel’s oldest nonprofits, Reuth has grown with Israel’s growing needs. We provide a range of special projects that serve the community’s various health-care demands.

The Agam Center for eating disorders helps treat those suffering from various disorders before their medical condition and physical health are severely damaged. The center promotes independence and discreetness and allows our medical team to have an impact before the eating disorder becomes a health crisis.

Delet Petuchah falls in line with our goal of helping patients reach the highest quality of life possible. We advise handicapped, disabled and the physically impaired on all matters regarding sexual health. Expert staff provides quality care and an atmosphere that is truly comfortable for our patients to express their needs and concern and receive the best treatment possible.

The Shikumon is a support group for young stroke victims partnered with Neeman. Patients come together at the Shikumon and receive various treatments, unique therapies and find strength in being with others who share similar struggles. As stroke victims struggle with the change in lifestyle, new limitations and both the physical and mental challenges of their health conditions, the Shikumon is a place where life is celebrated and hardships are faced with the support of others.

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