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American Friends of Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital

Senior Residences

Beit Jenny Breuer – Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

For independent seniors and those who need minimal assistance in daily activities, this residence offers a cohesive spirit and warm communal life.

4 Margolin Street, Tel Aviv 67614

Tel: 972 – 3- 6367400, Fax: 972 –3 – 5373571


Beit Shalom – Tel Aviv

Offering independent living in a neighborly atmosphere in the heart of Tel Aviv, this residence is close to shopping, culture and entertainment. Separate nursing and rehabilitation department is the most advanced in its field.

2 Shir Street, Tel Aviv 63463

Tel: 972 –3 – 5211444, Fax: 972 – 3 – 5211446


The Paula and Aron Barth Residential and Cultural Center – Jerusalem

This center provides maximum privacy and individuality in a supportive community setting, plus a wide range of cultural and social activities. Full nursing care is available.

56 Derech Hevron, Jerusalem 93513

Tel: 972 – 2 – 5698811,   Fax: 972 – 2- 6716764


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