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American Friends of Reuth Medical & Life Care Centers

Visit Us In Israel


Barbara Paris at Reuth


The next time you are in Israel, we invite you to visit the Reuth Medical Center and take a tour of the hospital. On your visit, you will learn all about Reuth’s unique approach to patient care while at the same time interacting with some of our patients and brightening their day. We are happy to gear the visit toward individuals or families.



Whether you are interested in learning more about the hospital or you would like to spend a few hours volunteering, Reuth would be a wonderful stop on your trip.



Board Member Dr. Barbara Paris

and Deputy Executive Director

Miriam Frankel at Reuth Medical Center




To schedule your visit or to learn more about Reuth’s work in Israel, please contact Yehuda Aaronson, American Friends of Reuth’s Director of Overseas Development or 212-751-9255.