An Inspirational Visit

We (Sharon, Beth, Marlene, Sabrina) had the privilege of participating  in a 3-1/2 day in-depth tour of Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital and its out patient facilities and housing for the elderly. Roy Somerston, British Friends Chair, was present as well. Needless to say, we all came away with stronger than ever motivation to ensure that the word gets out that REUTH continuously amazes us in their capacity to serve the needs of the Israeli communities. We met staff members including but not limited to: physical therapists, art therapists, occupational and speech therapists, nurses, and doctors. We saw how they interacted with patients and the patient responses. It was a truly amazing to witness the high quality of care in every way. 
1. Hospital: our donations went toward new wheelchairs, pain management, and therapies such as gardening, music and art, as well as virtual reality treadmills and anti-gravity treadmills. Particularly impressive was the new roof playground adjacent to the chronic care children’s ward with oxygen supply so that ventilator dependent children can be transported outside and have other sensory experiences while siblings can play and family members can sit. Approximately $117,000 in funds still needed for this project. 
2. Outpatient:  
(a) Kiriat Gat to provide services to patients that live too far from the main RHH.  
(b)  a 2nd one to open in Ashdod in the 2nd quarter of this year.
(c) Kerem Day Care Center for the elderly & needy. In the charming Yemenite neighborhood of Tel Aviv, these low income seniors arrive daily for breakfast followed by choice of activity, dance, music and art, have lunch, more activities then are returned to their home. The warmth of this charming mosaic decorated house is palpable. 
(d) The Reich Center: while this center is well funded through membership and donations, it is an upscale type of JCC which provides a huge variety of programming for capable seniors. Reuth provides Physical therapy services there as well. 
5. Senior Residences:
(a) Reuth’s subsidized housing complex: Aids the needly elderly with about 30 Holocaust survivors. Renovations needed for these small apartments.
(b) Beit Shalom in Tel Aviv and Beit Bart in Jerusalem. These are upscale housing units or retirement homes with assisted living type arrangements. High end, and in demand, services orthodox communities. Beit Bart, in the lovely neighborhood near Emek Refa’im on Hebron St will be near the future site of the American Embassy. Beit Bart will undergo a huge expansion to allow for double the number of residents and will be a wonderful naming opportunity for a generous donor! Additionally, chesed opportunities with local seminary students, bar/bat mitzvah programs can be in their beautiful gardens and sun rooms that serve as event spaces. Families can gather for a shabbat meal in dedication or in memory of a loved one.  
(c) Jenny Breuer House renovation and Rosa’s garden completed! Beautiful ceremony with many in attendance and speech given by granddaughter Deborah Merkin Gerber.