From a Fun Ride to a Ride to Rehabilitation

Coralie Cohen, 33 years old, made Aliya to Israel from France four years ago, on her own. She considers herself a true Zionist. “What can I say, I felt that I had to be part of the State of Israel, and here I am – already experiencing the health system from within.”

It all started with a fun walk to a theme park with her friend and daughter. Just a couple of days before Coralie was due to return to work from an unpaid leave following the pandemic,  she volunteered to help her girlfriend’s daughter who was afraid to climb a ladder from which she would slide over. She climbed on it, stumbled and fell. The damage? Three ankle fractures. “Our fun day out ended in the operating room with a platinum and three nails screwed to my ankle.”

So now Coralie is at Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital. “Although I am only at the beginning of the rehabilitation process, I already feel the warmth and professional care of the staff that surrounds me here.”

“My case taught me an important life lesson – to appreciate the beauty of each person and see the person beyond his faults or disability. During my time here at Reuth, I have met many patients who have had a life-changing event, some were injured in car accidents and move around in a wheelchair, others have gone through surgeries and need to restore lost abilities. Here, for the first time, I got to talk to them. Our conversations give me strength and hope for my own rehabilitation process.”