Igor Levine’s Hannukha Miracle

Igor Levine, 70, with his grand-daughter, Ira

After a severe case of COVID-19, including three months on a ventilator, 70-year-old Igor Levine can once again breathe on his own!

Igor Levine from Ashkelon was a fully independent person – until, last September, he contracted COVID-19. Due to pre-existing illnesses, his condition deteriorated, and he was hospitalized in COVID-19 Intensive Care. Here he was ventilated for three months, including a month and a half under anesthesia. 

Regaining consciousness in November, Igor was transferred to Respiratory Rehabilitation at Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital. About two weeks ago, following rigorous treatment, he was weaned from the ventilator and resumed breathing independently.

Today, breathing with only the assistance of a tracheotomy, but still confined to a wheelchair, Igor is smiling once again, surrounded by his loving, supportive family.

His granddaughter Ira says joyfully: “From the moment grandpa woke up we never left his bedside. In Intensive Care his condition deteriorated several times, and it was very hard for us to see the light. But now here he is, weaned from the ventilator – a very significant step, and we are very optimistic. At last we can see the light. Grandpa’s motivation to get well is immense, and now, finally, we have hope.”

Following his weaning from ventilation Igor was moved to a regular rehabilitation ward at Reuth, where he will continue the process of rehabilitation

“Igor came to us in very poor condition,” says Dr. Maya Elyashiv, Director of the Hospital’s Respiratory Rehabilitation Division. “After regaining consciousness, he remained ventilated, and when attempts to wean him failed he was sent to us for continued treatment. He arrived fully ventilated, with severe physical consequences. One month after his arrival he was weaned from ventilation, and we are delighted with this success.”

Dr. Frida Shemesh, Director of the Rehabilitation Ward where Igor is presently hospitalized, adds: “After prolonged ventilation, lying in bed for months, Igor suffers from weakness in his limbs, inability to stand or walk, and difficulties in swallowing, producing sounds and talking. These problems are familiar to us from other patients recovering from COVID-19. The challenge is to provide him with comprehensive multi-professional care, in order to improve swallowing, speech, cardiopulmonary endurance and mobility, strengthen his musculoskeletal system, and prescribe the right nutrition – to ultimately help him attain maximum functional independence.”