Meet Keren – One of Reuth’s Interns

Keren, 35 years old, studied medicine at Technion where she met her husband. He is an intern specializing in family medicine and she is an intern specializing in rehabilitation medicine. Between working and caring for her two children, Keren spends any free time painting and doing yoga. At Reuth, she discovered Iyenger Yoga through which the Reuth patients practice rehabilitation yoga, and loves it!
What she appreciates the most about rehabilitation medicine, is the close collaborations with other medical disciplines that are needed. This broadens her point of view as a doctor and enriches her knowledge. The close atmosphere and the feeling that her work has some significance are two of the main reasons why she chose Reuth over other hospitals for her internship. Reuth offers a very rich internship program where the interns have the opportunity to work with and learn from a leading multidisciplinary team of experts. The interns are continuously being encouraged to enhance their knowledge, learn new methods of treatment and think outside the box.