Mother’s Day with COVID-19

Li-Mor Raviv, born and raised in Israel, moved to the United States to build her personal and professional life. She is a life & business Coach and a mother to a daughter who recently started college. 
In early March, Li-Mor was informed by her sisters that their mother, Chaya, had just been brought to Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in an effort to recover from the stroke she had just experienced. Without hesitation, Li-Mor packed her bags and planned to stay in Israel for 3 months. She had to be quarantined for 14 days; the Israeli government had just decided to put all arrivals from the US on a two week isolation due to COVID-19. On her 2nd day in quarantine, her sister Ma’ayan, who is a physiotherapist at Reuth, informed Li-Mor that Reuth closed their doors to family and guests to protect all patients from the virus. Li-Mor’s only way to to see her mother would be to find a job at Reuth. 
Ma’ayan found a volunteer position for Li-Mor who joined a group of 15 committed volunteers from different countries around the world. Li-Mor starts her day by visiting her mother and after a kiss and a hug, she proceeds to help other patients at the hospital. Afternoons are dedicated to her mother until bedtime. Upon Li-Mor’s return to her room in the volunteers’ apartments in the evening, she works online with her clients in the US. Li-Mor gets to see and spend quality time with her mother when most of us  are not able to in these unprecedented times. Although she had heard about the “special spirit” at Reuth, Li-Mor never realized the magical impact that the medical staff at Reuth provided for their patients. She is expected to go back to her home in Orlando, FL at the beginning of June and she hopes that by then, her mother will have had a full recovery.