Ramaz Students Visit Reuth

A delegation of 12 students (aged 16-18) from the Ramaz School in New York city arrived on Sunday, March 17 2019, to visit Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv. Laura Rabinowitz, Co-Chair of American Friends of Reuth, facilitated this visit.
The students came to the hospital for joint activities with patients and students from a local high school.The visit included an ice breaker game, followed by a conversation with the patients, who shared the circumstances that led them to the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital. The students listened as the patients recounted their stories, their hospital treatments and the rehabilitation processes they undergo. Greeted by the Director General of the hospital, Dr. Dov Albukrek and his deputy, Dr. Shimon Burstein, the students learned about the quality of life therapies at Reuth. The hospital’s therapeutic employment department led a short workshop which included painting on plants from the therapeutic garden. The guests were accompanied by the Deputy Director General of Reuth Miriam Frankel.