Reuth Celebrates in Tel Aviv!

Reuth Israel celebrated their annual fundraiser on December 11, 2019 at the Smolersh Auditorium in Tel Aviv University. With a thousand supporters in attendance and one million NIS raised, the event was a huge success! All proceeds raised will go towards the expansion and upgrade of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital’s geriatric departments.

The evening began with a reception featuring artwork by Israeli artist, Roni Ofer, who donated all funds raised to the hospital. That night’s MC was the popular comedian, Eli Yatzpan, who also, donated his talent for this fundraiser.

Before the main event of the evening, the film about the Israeli Paralympic swim team was shown and received with enthusiasm by the audience. When Yacob Beininson, the swim team coach, Ami and Veronika, two of the swimmers, came on stage to thank Reuth for the medical sponsorship of their team, they were greeted by a standing ovation from the audience.

The evening continued with the main and artistic program which included a performance by one of Israel’s most iconic singers and song writers, Yehuda Poliker, who rocked the audience with his greatest hits.

The hospital’s Director General, Dr. Dov Albukrek, ended this memorable night with the following remarks: “Our many achievements are made possible by our committed and professional staff, who consider their service as first-rate mission. A team that expresses “The Reuth spirit” on a daily basis by providing holistic health care, placing the patient and his family in the center and at the same time striving for professional excellence.”