Reuth Leads to a Love Story

Yael, from Canada, and Daniel, from Germany, met during their volunteering experience at Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv. The connection was immediate and love flourished. After getting married, they decided to make Aliya and grow their family. Today, they have two girls and live in Herzliya.

As Valentine’s day approaches, Yael wrote to Reuth: “The most amazing experience of my life started a decade ago. I remember leaving my home town in Canada searching for a new adventure. I arrived in Israel during my gap year and this was no doubt the best decision I have ever made. I was assigned to the Weingeraten Children’s department where I opened my heart to the patients as well as to the medical staff who were incredibly warm and devoted. Shortly before finishing my term, I noticed a new volunteer from Germany in the department next to me who had recently arrived from Germany. It was love at first sight although it took both of us some time to reveal our feelings. He moved to volunteer in my department but a few days after, I had to go back home to Canada. Despite the distance, we kept in touch and he even surprised me once and came to Canada. On that visit we realized it was true love. 10 months after we got married. Every year, our love becomes deeper thanks to our two wonderful girls. Thank you Reuth for your miraculous work and for introducing me to Daniel. We love the hospital and will forever be devoted and committed to it”.