84 Years of Care, 60 Years of Rehabilitation

The Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv was founded in 1961 as a 44-bed facility, to treat older adults and Holocaust survivors. Today, it has 364 inpatient beds across 3 divisions that specialize in general rehabilitation, geriatrics, and respiratory rehabilitation. The hospital treats over 1,400 inpatients and receives over 23,400 outpatient visits a year. The increasing demand for Reuth’s quality rehabilitation has been met over the years with continued expansions, supported by generous donors like you! 

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In honor of Reuth Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Hospital’s 60th anniversary, an exhibition held in Habima Sqaure, TLV, featured 60 faces of Reuth, with photographs of physicians, therapists, patients and their family members.Their portraits reflect the mosaic of Israeli society and the spirit of Reuth. At Reuth Hospital, Jews, Arabs, Israeli veterans, new immigrants, and volunteers from Israel and abroad work together with patients and their families to rebuild their lives.