Nancy Slavin

Nancy Slavin is a native New Yorker with a special knowledge of the city and a unique understanding of the nuances that define each neighborhood. During the five decades in which she has lived and worked in New York City, Nancy has developed an expertise in both the city’s rich real estate legacy and its current state of affairs.

This instinct was honed during a 25-year career as a Marketing Executive in the Fashion and Retail industry in the Manhattan Headquarter offices of Macys. Although she was a pioneer in the use of digital media, influencer marketing, and trend spotting, her main focus was to understand market conditions and customer preferences.

These skills have created a natural transition into Real Estate, and make her the consummate guide for anyone navigating the New York City market to find where they want to live. More particularly, as the mother of two relatively recent college graduates who currently live in New
York City rental apartments, she has a particular understanding of this demographic and their real estate needs. Additionally, Nancy’s background and experience are enhanced by the fact that she has lived in legendary buildings on both the East and West sides of Manhattan, all of
which give her the insights necessary for successful real estate transactions of any type.