Women Influencers Event… The “New Normal” Way

Today’s featured speaker is
 Alyssa Shams – Community Builder

Here is Alissa’s motivational speech she gave to her community regarding the current critical situation:

“Pulling together. That’s what comes to mind when being part of the KJ Sephardic Minyan. These last few weeks have solidified our mission as a community invested in collaboration. Ten years ago it was a collaboration between Ashkenazim and Sepharadim. The social lines have blurred and together we rely on one another to share resources, energy, and compassion to help all in need. Our community has no borders. For the last few days we have become a virtual community.

Our goal is to respond to the needs of those around us who are looking for information, spiritual solace, fun activities, and useful take away.

Whether cooking for Passover with Talia, enjoying a magic show, or praying with Rabbi Laniado, we have reminded ourselves how to be the best we can be as it relates to others. We have pooled talents and resources together to insure that those around us feel a part of a caring and thoughtful community.
We are optimistic that life will return to normal , but ironically we hope the lessons learned from virtual togetherness last forever.